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Special closures

This is a particularly challenging field. There are no standards here, no “this is how it’s normally done” – these molds are custom-made items for unique applications. Such as the last special closures for which WIRO manufactured the mold: closures for infusion bags for patients who require artificial nutrition.

8-cavity lid mold for snus box

36-cavity mold for child lock closure Listerine

Other product segments
Tubenschulter für Blend-a-med
Tube closures & shoulders
Schraubverschluss für Augentropfen mit Originalitätsring frontal
Pharma & medicine
Klappdeckelverschluss Kaffeesahne

Flip-top closures

leichter Schraubverschluss seitlich
Unterteil von zweiteiligem Speiseölverschluss frontal
Edible oils