PRECISION. Our assembly

Precisely what you need.

WIRO molds are on point. They do exactly what they are supposed to. In the very best way. Reliable, precise, low-maintenance. From 1 to 144 cavities.

Mold making at its best.

For more than 50 years. We identify what customers need – even if they don’t know it themselves. We listen, understand desires and ideas, and have a lot of experience with the specific needs in different countries and regions worldwide.

The latter is crucial. If and how a mold really delivers added value to a customer varies in almost every country.

A robust classic may be better than a state-of-the-art high-tech solution under certain circumstances. Therefore, we would only offer it to a customer if it truly made sense.

Our candor is why our customers have so much trust in us – and many view us as friends and confidants, not just business partners.

Formenbau in der Montage
Detailansicht einer WIRO-Form
Quality right from the start.

At WIRO that means: mold assemblies and other important components are manufactured in fully air-conditioned environment rooms. This is how we guarantee our outstanding precision and consistency of reproduction.

Screen view of the measurement process with the computer tomograph

Indispensable: optical and tactile 3-D measuring systems in air-conditioned environments for preparation of first sample inspection reports and measurement protocols of individual mold components. Likewise, careful inspection of parts for tightness, torque, tear-off and opening forces. An industrial computer tomograph makes it possible to measure and inspect components from the inside, in a non-invasive and non-destructive way.

Everything comes together during final assembly. This is when our most experienced employees ensure that the individual components become a true WIRO mold.

Additionally, each mold also undergoes an acceptance run and validation of several hours under production conditions in our technical center. Only when our mold makers are completely satisfied, a mold is approved for shipping. And then delivered to the customer as quickly as possible.

Spezialverschlüsse in Körben während des Probelaufs im Technikum
Verschlusskappe blau von innen
Verschlusskappe weiß von innen
Verschlusskappe blau von oben
Verschlusskappe dunkelblau von der Seite
Verschlusskappe dunkelblau von oben



High-performance molds with astonishingly quick amortization.

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