MAKERS. About us

Wilfried Rohlje 

no longer wanted to have a boss who called the shots, telling him what could and could not be done. He knew that much more than others thought was possible.

He became his own boss. A boss who never responded to challenges with “We can’t do this” but with “We’ll get it done”.

It’s precisely this can-do attitude that characterizes WIRO to this day. We get things done.

illustriertes Portrait von Wilfried Rohlje, Gründer der WIRO Präzisions-Werkzeugbau GmbH

This is probably one of the reasons why we are one of the world’s leading mold makers for the production of closures and closure components.

For customers in more than 80 countries. Many of them have become friends over the years. Not least thanks to Reiner Rohlje and his ability to feel at home in all cultures.

That is also what characterizes WIRO: an extremely trusting, cordial and close collaboration with great respect for one another. With customers, partners, employees.

Reiner Rohlje, Geschäftsführer der WIRO Präzisions-Werkzeugbau GmbH

“We are valued around the world for how we interact with people and take on their challenges. It’s the mix of empathy, experience and the courage to try new things.”

Reiner Rohlje, Managing Director

Our team:

a team of experts.

The prerequisite for the economical production of high-performance injection molds is employees who understand their craft.

Doers with a passion who see a new challenge in every mold. Experts who are familiar with and comfortable using the latest technologies and most economical production methods, think along with the customer and make optimal use of all possibilities.
WIRO-Mitarbeiter mit einer Spritzgießform im Technikum

Together, we set milestones in mold making time and time again.

For instance:

unscrewing by means of hydro- or servo motors, enclosing caps ino mold or direct cooling of rotating mold cores, the development of new cooling and demolding systems, use of special steels and coatings. And those are just a few examples.

The export share of WIRO production is between 80 and 90%, distributed among customers from over 73 countries. As of 2022 we have 50 employees. To date, WIRO has trained well over 100 apprentices.



“Quality means: satisfying the customer.”

Master mold maker Wilfried Rohlje sets up his own business with three employees under the name WIRO in Kirchhundem. Then as now, trusting cooperation and a high level of understanding of our customers’ individual requirements are hallmarks of WIRO.

International activity

First foreign orders in cooperation with injection mold machine manufacturers. First molds for the production of closure components. First participation in a foreign trade fair. Today, the export share of WIRO production is between 80 and 90%, distributed to customers from more than 80 countries, nine of which have WIRO representation on-site.

Like father, like son

Reiner Rohlje passes his master craftsman's examination and takes over the company's management from his father.

1987 – today
Continuous development of the company

Expansion of production capacity through the construction of a new factory hall and commissioning of state-of-the-art mold machines. Since 1990 concentration on maintenance-free high-performance molds for closures and tube components. Attendance at all international trade fairs. A modern machine park in which the sustainability of technologies used has long played a central role.

2006 – 2008 – 2010 – 2015
Mold maker of the year

Over 300 leading mold makers from German-speaking countries take part in the renowned 'Excellence in Production' competition every year. WIRO was the overall winner for the first time more than 15 years ago.

Next generation

WIRO is jointly lead by the four managing partners Reiner Rohlje, Stephan Clever and Martin Klein. Company founder Wilfried Rohlje is still a valued advisor working in the background.